Ok, I'm getting excited!

For all of your upcoming weddings! Now that mine is over I have nothing to really work towards in wedding world, but I'm excited for everyone out there getting married in the next year-two years! I've decided to stick around on the local knot board for a while. I love you girls and you are so much fun! You make my days go by fast!

Re: Ok, I'm getting excited!

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    aww that is so sweet!!! I am getting so excited myself!!
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    awe! im really excited. 38 days!! WOOOO!!! :)
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    Thanks for sticking around!  Yesterday was the 7 month mark for me and I seriously can't wait.  I know it will go by quickly and I still have a TON to do but it's nice being on here to get the jitters out.  I absolutely love your pictures too K-Hart.  So very romantic.  I'm sure I'll need lots of advice as it gets closer!
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    You are so cute K-hart!  It is a bit of a downer to be done with the wedding, but I guess I still have TYs to write and I am still trying to figure out where to put all the gifts!  My house looks like a hurricane went through it!
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