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Hey ladies, We're just starting to interview photographers in the next week. This has been one of my biggest challenges so can anyone share any advice about: What questions to ask? Which parts of a package ended up being most important to you? And what you think a reasonable price range is? Thanks!

Re: Photography

  • molisarmolisar member
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    Ask how long they will be there (obviously) and how many people will be there helping the main photographer. If it is a big company, ask to meet with photographer that will be there the day of. To me the biggest part of our package was video.  I look back at our video the most (more than pictures) and really treasure it.  I think a good photographer could start at about $1500.  They can get very expensive depending on what you want in your package. We used Ideal Impressions Photography and could not be happier.
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    When I was looking for a photographer I wanted one that would give me all images released on a CD so I could do what I wanted with them.  I just felt that there would be so many pictures that although I may not want to print them or put them in my wedding book, it may be nice to look back at them in the future (like a funny picture of dancing).
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    CD and right to the pics. was important. I wanted a smaller company so I knew my photographer. I chose a husband and wife team.
  • SweetCharadeSweetCharade member
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    I had to have the rights to print my own pictures, and also a CD of my images.  I also really wanted to know exactly who was going to be taking the pictures.We went with Sarah Immel - I'm soooooo excited.
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    We went with Sarah Immel as well!  I had a very hard time with this department as well!  I was searching and contacting photographer for 5 months befor we ended up choosing Sarah.  I probably browsed at least 100 websites and contacted at least 50 for packages/pricing.  We were primarily interested in getting a CD with the printing release.  I think the most important thing to look for is personality!  You need to feel comfortable with your photographer and your personalities need to match to an extent.  We met with one photographer (I won't name names) whose pictures were gorgeous, was very reasonable, and included the printing release and 800 printed images.  We knew right away that his company wasn't for us because we didn't see eye to eye at all...and they were actually cheaper than Sarah.Good Luck!
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    We made sure we had the rights to our own hi quality photos so that we could use them however we wanted after the wedding. I also would highly recommend making sure you meet with the actual photographers that you will be using before you sign a contract to make sure you get along personality wise.
  • Josie22Josie22 member
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    Make sure you meet with your photographer. Talk with them about the style you like. Make sure you see samples of that photographer, and not just the company. Bring along a few photos you really love. This will help them get an idea of your style. Make sure some photos are of you. How you see yourself beautiful is very important on your wedding day. Make sure get all of your photos, and not just the ones they like. Sometimes special pictures can be in the background of bad ones.Check out their details shots. You spend a ton of time on your centerpieces, favors and all the other little things. Some photographers are great with people, but completely miss getting these.
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