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We're back and married! (Long with pics link)

Hi guys and girls, I've been a looong time lurker and occasional poster of this board. But as I've gained a lot of useful info from this board, I thought to give something back! My wife and I are a couple living in London, UK. We had a destination wedding at Niagara Falls, Canada on 9th September 2009! When my wife proposed to me last November in Rome - Italy, I was blown away! Most of our family were thrilled for us. We didn't want a long engagement as I wanted to get married by 30 (I'm 29 now), so we started fervently scouring wedding venues in and around London. What we realised whilst speaking with various members of family was that there so many legacy family 'issues' which we all didn't want to revisit! So we decided to openly elope to a different country! I say 'openly' because everyone knew what date we were going to get married. We decided on Canada because it's an English speaking country where same sex marriages are legal. We originally wanted to go to California, but due to overturning of their same sex marriage ruling, we decided against the US altogether. We don't understand the legal system there , so didn't want to chance having our marriage overturned in Mass/Connecticut, etc. We did a lot of research beforehand and hired our wedding professionals mainly through recommendations given from wedding forums like and Our wedding day turned out perfect, no stress of making sure everyone is happy and civil to each other, we were relaxed the whole time and thoroughly enjoyed our big day with one set of parents watching on. I couldn't wish for more! I'll post a separate post on my experiences with wedding professionals in Niagara Falls area in the morning! If any of you brides and grooms out there are considering Niagara Falls and want more info, PM me! I'll be more than happy to help! I just wished I was more interactive previously! But before I log off for the night, here's a link to a sample of pics taken by our talented photographer, Kim Cartmell! Ignore the 'pls buy my photobook' rubbish on the opening page, I can't delete the blurb! Enjoy! Angela

Re: We're back and married! (Long with pics link)

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