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Two Kiddush Cups

I don't have any, and FI does not either. We are going to purchase ours for the wedding. So if you are buying two kiddush cups, would you buy two of the same design, or buy two different ones?

Re: Two Kiddush Cups

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    I'd be inclined to buy two of the same design, so each of you will have one to use after the wedding but they will still be a matched set.
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    If I was buying two, I'd probably buy two different ones - one for regular shabbos use (or, special occasions if you're not going to use it every shabbos) and one to eventually use as Elijah's cup, if you ever plan to host Passover seders.
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    Do you have any in the family that you can use?  We are using FI's deceased father's kiddush cup and the one my mom used at her Bat Mitzvah.But to answer the question, I would probably buy two different ones.  I think its more interesting to collect things that are different and since neither of you have one, it is a perfect collection to start.
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    Hi there, We used one of my Dad's, and one that I had given DH for the wedding, and we eventually got another one of our own. Ours don't match; we use the Nambe Kiddush cup that I had gotten for DH as our Shabbat cup, and we also have the Lenox L'Chaim one that we had purchased to use as Elijah's cup. I rather like having two different ones, but I think it's up to you - would you prefer a matched set, or two different ones?
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    Is there any way you can borrow a kiddush cup, either from family or your rabbi. If not, I would buy 2 different ones, one the more traditional silver or silver plated and the other a more contemporatry design. Our rabbi supplied one of the cups for the ceremony and the other was the Spoke kiddush cup, which we received as a present and that matches our dishes. [IMG][/IMG]
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    I'm in the same boat - we could use my fmil's but that's from her recent marriage.  Unfortunately, I don't think anyone saved the one from my FI's parent's original marriage. I originally was going to get a set, this way we'd each have our own cup for kiddush.  However, I have registered for a nice, lovely fountain set that'll be used for kiddushes, so I'm now looking to get two different.  One may never be used but instead will just serve as a keepsake, or we'll take it out on very rare occasions, and the other we'll be Elijah's cup.
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    i vote for two different ones. also, if you're having any pre-wedding parties, you could politely have someone spread the word that you're looking for two kiddush cups. we received both of ours prior to the wedding so we didn't have to buy any. good luck!
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    Maybe this is a dumb question, but why do you need two and not just one? Just curious- I don't want to be missing one for my own wedding!
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    I would buy(make!) two different ones.
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    We are using one from my uncles Bar Mitzvah and I'm not sure where the other one will come from. Have to see what my parents have. I'd say they don't HAVE to match but they can. Either way really.
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