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help, looking for davids bridal style #F12284 truffle, used

I am looking for davids bridal bridesmaid dress style #F12284 for my maid of honor. She just lost her job and is a single mother. My wedding is on Oct 24 and I am looking for this dress in truffle, used. She is a Size 2 but we could work with maybe a four.Please, if you know anyone who has this dress, we would love to buy it used! You all know $$ gets tight around this time!! Please e-mail me [email protected]!

Re: help, looking for davids bridal style #F12284 truffle, used

  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    Check ebay.  Also.  I've seen weddings where the MOH wore a slightly different dress than everyone else.  Would you consider a different dress in that color or the same dress in a different color?

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  • catielbuggcatielbugg member
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    Well, I have a matron of honor also. And I made a big stink in the beginning that I wanted them all to wear the same dress, same color. I love all my girls and wouldn't want to show favortism...plus I just want them all alike...my bff and I were not expecting her lay off at all and still trying to make ends meet for other parts of life...lol. But that's what bff's do, right?! We have checked e-bay, craigslist, some really weird crazy websites but can't find one. Just thought somebody might have one tucked away in a closet that might be willing to give it up in our time of need for a reasonable price. :) thanks for the help.
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