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OT Halloween post

I know, I know, off-topic post but I know how much we all love Halloween here :DAre you dressing up this year? I know some of our gals are getting married on Halloween (yay!) but for those of us not tying the knot, what are your plans?FFIL is having his birthday part on Halloween this year, so I'll be making some amazing marshmellos^^ and I'm going as Kat vonD. DF wants to go as Gomez Adams again. 

Re: OT Halloween post

  • We are thinking about going down to Williamsburg, VA for the weekend and do a ghost tour. Not sure yet.

  • We're having our engagement party this Halloween! So very excited! The only cruddy part is neither my mother nor my siblings are planning to attend (they all have other, hello? this is my ENGAGEMENT party for goodness sakes!)
  • I'll be in class that day, but I'm considering dressing as Rosie the Riveter.
  • We're having an engagement-Halloween party to. Its a demented circus theme. I'm going to dress as a deformed side show freak and he's dressing as the bearded lady lmao
  • we're wowing it up... warlock and succubus...or death knight and pet ghoul from world of warcraft  
  • It's been awhile since I posted here... but I'm having my bachelorette party on Halloween! It's pirate themed, so we're all going to be dressed up as pirates, and we're taking a party limo up to Hollywood.  I'm so excited!
  • SO, dressing as a bride and groom doesn't count? I was a dead bride one year in college for Halloween. I think that I had less black in my costume than I do in my actual wedding dress. Ha ha!
  • Last year I dressed up as a St. Pauli's girl and my FI was a Pepsi can (a costume that my mom made back in the day). This year we were invited to a Halloween party (hosted by the same person as last year). Not sure what we are dressing up as. We are tight on funds and literally moving the weekend before halloween into a house, crazy schedule! :o)
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