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Dropping by

It's been a long time since I posted, don't know if anyone will remember me, but it's been a CRAZY year since I got married. We got pregnant about 1.5 months after we got married and I have been so busy. Just stopped by to take a look at wedding pics. They are all so beautiful. I know I was following some of you and really eager to see pics (Dublin2Madras and Meghana your weddings were beautiful!)

Re: Dropping by

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    I'm new here, and just saw your pictures.  They are gorgeous.  I love all of your wedding details. :)
  • Meghana55Meghana55 member
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    Aww thanks!  Welcome back!  And congrats on the new addition to your family :-)
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    Erin!  Of course we remember you!  And ohmygosh, congratulations on your adorable little baby!  Holy moly!  I'd love to see more photos.  Also, I looked through your wedding albums and it was great to see even more photos of your gorgeous fusion wedding.  I still haven't posted many pics of my wedding... working on it.
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    D2M, def post more pics, but from what I saw, your wedding was beautiful! Here are some pics of our "fusion" baby lol.http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2656851&id=2223942&l=a9fca97c5a
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    Those eyes!  Those chunky little legs!  What a total cutie. Weirdo alert: I love seeing photos of "fusion" babies because I always wonder what my kids will one day look like.  I hope they are as adorable as little Bodhi!
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    I wasn't here when you were, but I just looked and loved your wedding photos. And the baby photo in your signature is so cute. Not to hijack, but I'm with you, D2M, on pics of "fusion" babies. I keep joking with DH about what our kids may look like. There are a lot of "fusion" celebs out there, especially in Bollywood. If I'm being nice I'll mention Arjun Rampal, Katrina Kaif, Lisa Ray, etc. But then sometimes I'll tease him and show him pics of Ben Kingsley just to get a rise out of him!
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    Not creepy at all, I used to to love looking at half indian half white babies and I even did a couple of google searches on it while I was pregnant (as did my husband) lol
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