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This is more of an etiquette question... We're having a small wedding of 27 guests at a winery. I really wanted to give a bottle of wine to each guest as a favor; however, one of the guests has a drinking problem that the whole family knows about. Would it be inappropriate to give a bottle of wine as a favor to an apparent alcoholic? I'm afraid of being rude, but I just thought it was such a great idea I don't want to give it up! I'd appreciate any input!!Carrielee

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    Is he a recovering alcoholic or his he unaware that he has a problem? If he's a recovering alcoholic then I would see if the vineyard makes any non-alcoholic beverages and give him a bottle of that instead.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. He is unaware that he has a problem, which sorta makes it more awkward. If he were in recovery and open about his disease I would have no problem, but it makes the situation a little more difficult when he is just in denial. Thanks again!
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    If he doesn't realize, then don't single him out for the non-alcoholic favor.See what other things the winery may have available for favors and mix it up so everyone gets 1 of 2 or 3 favors, just make sure his is non-alcoholic and try make sure that there isn't extra wine for him to "trade" his favor for.
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    I agree with pp. But, if you're having an open bar then the favors might be the least of your problems.
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