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Does anyone have ANY feedback they can give me on Mile High Station? We are going to look at the venue this week. Site fee seems to be reasonable, but somewhat too good to be true!Thoughts??

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    I LOVE that venue. Unfortunatley, the fact that it is under I-25, made my FI say no. I think the only downside is the location. If you can get around that- it's awesome.Good luck!
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    I went there for a fashion show once. It's an awesome venue! It's very urban and chic. Other than what the pp said, the only downside I can think of is that it is really big. If you have a smaller wedding, it might feel too empty. GL!
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    I love the venue - I think it is gorgeous - but I have no real experience with it.If you like it, and it works for you budget, go for it!
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    That was my dream venue and after looking at it and getting prices, I felt that I would end up over budget if I had gone with them.
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    A fellow knottie got married there last month. I think it was beautiful, yeah the location is somewhat odd, but it is very secluded and the inside has a lot of personality. The staff were very professional and helpful (the guy in charge replaced a bulb at the last minute for the photographer to get better shots). The only bad thing I would say is that the lady in charge doesn't always work your event. If you're interested I can give you a link to my blog about it.
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    I went and visited and it is an amazing venue!. The site fee is reasonable and you you can hire your own caterer from their list of approved vendors. However, you have to use their alcohol service and there is a minimum beverage amount that you have to meet. Also, they charge $3 for a bottle of water! We felt like the cost of the bar would get out of hand and take us too far out of our budget.
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    It's lovely there and it actually sits under Colfax, but you don't hear it.  The interior is gorgeous if you like that sort of lofty look.  The lighting is fab.  It's big but not too big and it doesn't echo.  I hate places that echo. 
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