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Siggy question!

What are you using to make those awesome collages for April siggy?? I usually use Photobucket, but its a serious pain in the a** these days.
March Siggy: Our Furbabies Thunder and Tinkerbelle photo 576844_10151220437472389_274194501_n.jpg PhotobucketPhotobucket
He put a ring on it!!! 12-12-10! Daisypath Anniversary tickers Daisypath Anniversary tickers
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Re: Siggy question!

  • Wish I could help, I use photobucket too :(
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  • Paint.


    Open any photo using Paint (you have it if you use Windows) by right clicking on it and selecting “open with” and then “paint”.  Resize the pictures using the Image drop down and select “Sketch/Skew”.  Enter a number you want to decrease the picture by (example enter 75 in both the Horizontal and Vertical boxes to reduce the size of the photo by 75%). Use the dotted square option on the left to select the photo (its a click and drag thing).  Copy and paste them into a new Paint window, add more, move them around, paste in a title using Word and viola!  Let me know if you need more help. 

  • I use photobucket.
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