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I have a question, I am having a Halloween wedding as well and I am wondering if I should get a Halloween garter of if I should get an LSU garter which is my FI favorite football team? I personally would love the Halloween garter but he has let me have a Halloween wedding so...

Re: garters

  • My opinion is if you find a Halloween garter that you really like you should get it. I haven't found a garter yet, but when I see one I like I'm going to just get it. I'm looking for a black one, but I haven't really been searching to hard for it yet. Good luck!
  • you could always custom order a garter this site does them... then you could get his teams colors with a jack-o-lantern charm or somethingI have yet to order from them but they look good :Dfor the black garter this site has a bunch:
  • I went with a Boston Red Sox garter for J. He's a huge fan. As in, he has a tat of the Boston "B" on his calf. Has nothing to do with my colors or inspriation but he loves them. And his gift is a Red sox watch.

  • We're not having a garter toss, but I still wanted to be able to give DF a garter, for the simple meaning of it. There's a lot of craft stores around here so I'll either A)pick up a cheap black one somewhere and buy a Nightmare Before Christmas charm on etsy to sew on myself or B) have one handmade on etsy. There are so many awesome custom garter makers on etsy, I get lost there lol
  • Oh yeah. We're not doing the toss either (for the bouquet or the garter) but I thought it would be cute to wear for him :)

  • Oh yea any excuse to wear a garter WOOT!
  • I didn't want to do a garter toss, but FI is insisting! He hasn't had much say in making major decisions for the wedding so I figured why not! I would do Halloween type, only because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween.
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  • I chose to go with a Halloween garter (PIB). We're not doing a garter toss, so I guess it's not even needed, but it's just one of those wedding things I insisted in having.
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