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Hello!I'm new here, posting for the first time.  My fiance and I are planning a ceremony for some time next summer.  I definitely want to have  an outdoor wedding, but we need to keep it as inexpensive as possible, so I'm looking for suggestions.  We live in Colorado Springs, but I'm open to traveling a little bit, probably not more than and hour and half or so.  I know there are lots of beautiful places in the area to hold a ceremony (and my ideal would be to find a place where we can have ceremony and reception).  I've been trying to look for ideas on line but all I can find are places that are way out of my price range....Thanks for any suggestions you can give!

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    I know you said you're looking to keep travel times to a minimum but if you're looking for a beautiful ceremony/reception site, look into Piney River Ranch.  It's in Vail and that's where we got married 2 weeks ago.  PIB.  It's breathtaking without a doubt.
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    Piney River does look like a beautiful place.  Thank you for the suggestion!
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    How many guests do you think you'll have? A few gals in the Springs have used the Lodge at Cathedral Pines and it's beautiful and super affordable, just on the smaller side. I thought we would have too many guests to fit so we booked somewhere else and I'm still kinda bummed about that! It's up in Black Forest, so great for an outdoor setting and not far at all!I know Layla got married there and that are a few more, I just can't remember the usernames (sorry, girls!). You can always page Layla if she doesn't respond on this thread. Good luck!
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    i would HIGHLY recommend the lodge at cathedral pines.  i believe the max it can hold is around 90, but it has a beautiful outdoor ceremony space and the inside reception space is wonderful.  the coordinator, lori, is also fabulous.  it's also verrrrry reasonably priced and includes tables/chairs.
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    I just got married at the Pinery, and it was a truly amazing experience!  Totally stress free and the day went sooo smoothly.  It can be on the pricey side, but well worth not having the head aches of planning a wedding!
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    Be sure to check out the Grandview Terrace and The Red Barn in Evergreen. (I was married n the Red Barn 10 years ago!) ( The Red Barn is beautiful, but the new venue, The Grandview Terrace, is spectacular and very affordable. You might have to rent a tent based on the size of your wedding, and date. But I went to a wedding there in June and it was wonderful. I think there are pictures of this wedding on their website. They also have guest houses on the property for your wedding night, or out-of-town guests. The June wedding had a rehearsal dinner in the "social room". Our group had a bbq on the lawn and it was great. Good luck! -Tina
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    Evergreen Lake House is pretty and I got married in a park.  Outdoor ceremony and covered was perfect. 
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    Thanks for all of the suggestions!
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