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Couples Resort taped in Bora Bora was funny

I recommend it for anyone considering French Polynesia!  We went for that and it was funny!

Re: Couples Resort taped in Bora Bora was funny

  • I want to see that movie so bad! We're going to Bora Bora in December.
  • do you know if that is a real resort? We are looking at Tahiti but I saw the movie Friday and that resort was all inclusive and I didn't see a single place in our booklets about all inclusive's in Tahiti
  • The movie was filmed at the St. Regis on Bora Bora. IRL, though, it is not an all-inclusive (there are currently no AIs in French Polynesia, although you can do meal plans at most of the resorts)!
  • I saw it today and it looks just awesome. I wanna be there!
  • I booked my honeymoon last week - Moorea & Bora Bora with most meals included. 
  • We are seriously considering Bora Bora after seeing Couples Resort.  For those that are going or have been....how long did you go for and did you only go to one resort/island?  Is it feasible to go to hawaii for a few nights on the way there/back?  We plan to go for around 12 nights (not including travel time) for our honeymoon but are afraid that Bora Bora may be boring for that amount of time. Any resort recommendations are appreciated!
  • We are going for 10 nights total, 2 nights @ Intercontinental Tahiti, 3 nights at Sofitel Moorea, and 5 nights @ Intercontinental Thalasso Bora Bora.
  • We've decided to go too!! Bora Bora and Moorea!! Cant wait!
  • BostonBecky, I'm doing a French Polynesian/Hawaiian Honeymoon. It is totally possible to go to both places. We're spending a week in Maui, a few days in Oahu and a week in Bora Bora. We live on the east coast, so we figured if we are flying all the way to FP, we might as well go to Hawaii too.
  • I know...I was soooo bummed when I found out the movie was taped there...I wanted it to be our little secret place...now everyone knows about it...lol!
  • We just saw Couples Retreat. It was pretty funny, but they didn't show alot of Bora Bora really. Mainly the St Regis resort, and views of the island-lagoon. Enjoyed it, made us remember our honeymoon! It has gotten pretty bad reviews in the press. cheers!
  • SarahNE - did you book your trip through a travel agent?  I also live on the east coast so if you have a recommendation for a TA I would appreciate it. I think since I know nothing about this part of the world, Hawaii or the South Pacific, that it might be good to consult an expert. What are your flight connections like from the east coast?
  • BostonBecky-I did use a TA, but not before I did a lot of the research and planning myself. I used Jennifer with VIP because I was able to negotiate a killer price. I'd recommend going with a TA who specializes in that area because if you dont do the research on your own, you're going to need someone who knows what they are talking about.We're taking an AA flight to Maui first with one stop in LA. From Maui we go to Tahiti, then from Tahiti we go to Oahu and then back home to the States. When I booked the trip, going to Hawaii first was cheaper. I don't know what flight prices are right now, so going to Tahiti first might be the less expensive option, you'll have to check. :)
  • Sarah - thank you for the information.  I'm glad to hear that it is a feasible trip.  We keep going back and forth between Amalfi coast/southern France and Hawaii/Bora Bora/Tahiti.  It is such a hard decision - definitely the hardest part of wedding planning for me so far.  I think that Bora Bora is a place that we probably wouldn't ever go to, or at least for many years, unless we go on our honeymoon whereas Europe is an easy trip any year.  Also, our wedding is in July which is super expensive in Europe so maybe we would be better off going there at a different time of year and do the same trip for much less. 
  • BostonBecky - That's exactly what we were thinking. We're a lot closer to Europe then the South Pacific. Unless we decide to go to Australia or New Zealand, we probably won't be back to that side of the World anytime soon. You can always go to France for your 1 year anniversary :)
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