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feeling blue about my afternoon wedding -- agh!

Hi ladies,
I am feeling a bit down and thought i'd turn to you brilliant ladies for thoughts or support... For the sake of our budget, we decided to have a Friday afternoon wedding at Chateau Briand the 4th of July weekend. I am feeling a little blue/disappointed about this for a few reasons. First, i picture my poor guests getting stuck in LI traffic to and from the wedding (we are from LI). Second, I would love the idea of seeing my guests dance the night away, which won't happen. I'm afraid people wont party as much because the reception is from 2 - 6 pm. I also feel like, what the heck are we going to do afterwards? I know these are trivial concerns, in light of the fact that this is really about my marriage, but I can't help but feel this way every once in a while. Anyone have any thoughts? maybe you're having an afternoon wedding and can help me see the brighter side of things? agh! don't even know what it is that i'm looking for. just needed to vent... thanks for listening!

Re: feeling blue about my afternoon wedding -- agh!

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    Well think of it this way- you're wedding is going to be the party tht kicks off the 4th of July weekend for everyone. Since everyone has a long weekend to look forward to I bet they'll still get down and party! I know I would. And honestly, it has a lot to do with how the bride and groom act. If you get out on the dance floor and party like it's a regular evening wedding, everyone else will follow suit. Don't worry, it's going to be a blast. As for an after party, maybe rent a room at the hotel you'll be staying at and have your nearest and dearest continue the party there. You can change into a shorter white dress and really party!
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    Why not ask people to join you on the beach for a little late afternoon swimming and cocktails.  That is such a great time on the beach.
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    I went to a wedding out East in Happauge on a Saturday Afternoon... (we're from Merrick) We all thought to ourselves, what are we going to do after the wedding, since we're driving all the way out east??  We all danced and drank and ate during the reception and had SUCH a good time, No one wanted it to be over so after the wedding  we all went to a beach and continued in the sand- we ran out for pizza's and beers and just lived it up... your guests are there to celebrate YOU. and they will- no matter what time of day it is.... if it's an afternoon- you have an opportunity to keep the party going- where as a night wedding- there isn't much you can get into at 1 am...... enjoy YOUR day and your guests will too..
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    Do not feel blue.... I have been to many Friday evening Weddings.... ANd they are always fun...By doing it on a Friday, it shows you who are the people that really want to celebrate your day. Just live it up and have fun
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    I have to admit-if I were invited i'd probably drive up the day before to avoid the nutso traffic on friday.
    and I have to disagree with the PP who said that the people who show up on Friday will be the ones who really want to celebrate your wedding.  no. some people's (namely my DH) schedules don't allow for attendence at a Friday wedding. it has NOTHING to do with not wanting to celebrate-what a silly thing to say!

    anyway-back to the OP. afternoon weddings can be jsut as fun as nighttime-but it's up to you and groom to set the mood for it. dance, drink, enjoy yourselves-everyone else will too.

    are there any restaurants or local places where you can have an after-party? our wedding ended at 1230am but we had a suite at a hotel and a bunch of the guests came back to party with us until about 5am. was a wonderful time. doens't have to be anything formal-just fun. good luck :)


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    thanks so much ladies! i really appreciate all the support and feedback... you're right. it is my day and it'll be great regardless. i think i probably am just focused on the "party" part of it, and start losing the meaning of the day when i focus on these details. thanks so much!
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    I'm having an afternoon wedding in may 2011 kicking off memorial day weekend at lands end. we choose the day becasue of the beautiful scenry you lose bc of the darkness at night. my fh's fam kinda thought this was odd UNTIL they attended a wedding on the water at night and changed their tune. Afterwards we are continuing the party a local bar/pub just a few blocks away. i mentioned this to some of my closest guest and they thougt this was better than going home after a night wedding all pumped up! plus you can start the holdiay weekend off right. as far as your OOT guest they might take this opportunity to make a mini vaca. my guest from florida are using the long weekend as an excuse to vacation here! no worries girly, your wedding will be GORGEOUS no matter what time of day
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    have i mentioned that i think you ladies are rock!!!
    thanks for the support!
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    The FI and i are having an afternoon wedding also.  July 31st.  Our wedding will end at 7.  Of course i wanted an evening wedding so that we could enjoy the sunset on the water and dance the night away.  But our budget had other plans.  After thinking about it, I'm excited for an earlier wedding.  There is so much to do after.  My dad has actually suggested everyone who wants to can come back to his place for an extended party.  I won't argue with that.  Plus, it's the summer time!  who wouldn't want to hang out more after.  Whether its at your place, your parent's place, a beach, or a park... you could make it an extension of your day.  you get to party for longer.  :o)   All the best!
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    I have filmed many afternoon weddings and I can tell you that your friends and family make the party, not the time of day!

    I am sure you will have a blast, as for what to do afterwards, many couples I work with meet with everyone in the hotel bar, or pick another location and have the dj/band/mc announce where they will be after the wedding so that anyone who wants to keep the party going can!

    Have fun!

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    I too am having an afternoon wedding and I purposely chose it.  It didn't have much to do with price as it did the location.  I am having a beach wedding in Kings Park in the afternoon.  To me, if I am having a summer wedding, (especially at the beach), I want people to enjoy the sun, waves, breeze and the sunset which will occur during the time of my reception (4-11).

    It is the company and atmosphere that make your wedding, not day and time.

    Afterwards, since it is 4th of July weekend, I would head to the beach or by water or at least outdoors and maybe a bonfire, some drinks and food, some music and you will probably be able to witness fireworks (people start as soon as they can that weekend for some reason)....who would be better than you?  Having fireworks to end YOUR day!
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