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After you got married, how long did it take you to get it in the mail?  I thought it was only supposed to take 2 weeks, but we're approaching a month now.  I need to get all the name changes done and can't! Thanks!
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Re: marriage license

  • chelbell326chelbell326 member
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    Ours was back before we got back from our honeymoon. (Although I dropped it off at the County Clerk & Records Office in person...but still)...I think your wait of more than 2 weeks seems pretty long. What county did you get your license with? We used Arapahoe County & they were very quick!
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    we're getting ours through Adams County.  We got married in Breckenridge and the minister took the license and said she'd send it in and we'd get it in about 2 weeks.  Either she didn't send it, or their still processing it.  Another thing I'm worried about is if the mailman put it in the wrong box and someone else has it.  I thought the stress was going to go away after the wedding!  I'll have to make a few phone calls and find out what's going on.
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    Hi!  Our reverend took care of ours.  We got it in about 2 1/2 weeks.  We were married in Lyons but live in Chicago.  I would think yours should be arriving soon!  Hope that helps!  I will keep my fingers crossed!!
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    We got ours back in about 2 1/2 weeks. We mailed it in the day after our wedding. Have you tried calling the Clerk and Recorder office?
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  • LesPaulLesPaul member
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    Ours took 4-5 days.  We had it when we got home from the HM.
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  • Katie18Katie18 member
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    After we got back from the honeymoon, DH took it in himself and got it back in about 20 minutes.  It might be a little more effort going in, but I liked that because I would have been a nervous wreck not knowing where it was.  Just an idea for future brides :)You could also give it to a reliable family member to take in while you're on your HM, then it will be ready to go when you get back.
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    I got mine back in about 2 weeks. I would be making some calls soon.
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    Hopefully your officiant just sent it a little late? Fingers crossed it comes in the mail tomorrow!
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