Hi Ladies,  SSL! I was just married this past July in Denver and just want to warn everyone about the photographer we used.  It has taken this long for me to write something because we have tried multiple avenues to fix the problems, unfortunately with nothing but poor customer service and a refusal to fix the problems I would really hate for some other bride to go thru what we have.  When I first saw our pics, my first reaction was to burst into tears ;(Meghan Valentine Photography (found here @ the knot), gave us rediculiously poor shots, here is a list of some of the issues we had with her:Late to the weddingAsking US where to take our pics at, she had no idea what the area or potential photo spots were on the georgeous DU campus.Blurry PhotosBlown Out PhotosThe wrong lens was used the whole timeNo close ups or zoom usedLens Flares in tons of picsMy cream dress is yellowGreen spots and dots on all the pics of us at the altarMissed shots ie: no pics of my Dad's speech, Matron of Honor and Best man walking down aisle etc.LOTS of pics of the back of peoples headsI had 1 other photog working with Megan at our wedding, and not either of them moved throughout the ceremony to get good pics.  They just stood in the corner, this made for very poor shots.People's heads are cut offPictures are not cropped ie: Speakers next to us during our 1st dance, Priest reading his notes during our 1st kiss etc.Unfortunately, these are just some of the issues we have with our pictures.  The pictures received are not even close to the quality she has advertised at our meeting or online.  These problems in our shots are very obvious and we have gotten nothing but denial from her.  Her packages fit within our tight photography budget, however I would gladly have paid double to someone who can provide what they advertise.  It really was not worth it, and I regret very much working with this vendor.  From the 400 pics we received, I can maybe use 7-10 of them, and at this moment cannot even make the wedding album we wanted to give our parents.  I hope other Bride's steer clear of this vendor.  :( 


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    Im sorry you are disappointed with your pictures... have you gotten any money back?
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    OMG - I am so sorry to hear that.  Is there anything the two of you can do?  I know that getting your money back won't fix the fact the your most special day was ruined.  Did you have an engagement session with this photographer also?
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    We have tried to work with this vendor and unfortunately she refuses to admit that there is anything wrong with the photos and has only agreed to give us more.  Why would I want more photos that are bad?  Her resoloution does not fix the fact that they need to be cropped and touched up correctly.  I am trying to get the raw untouched images so we can take them elsewhere to be fixed and cropped, so far no luck there either :(
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    How upsetting! I know this won't replace the photos of your special day, but I would suggest setting up a trash the dress session with another photographer sometime in the next year. Atleast then you can have some more pictures of you and your DH to atleast hang on the walls.
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    That's awful! I'm so sorry that happened to you. I'd be interested to see your photos if you're willing to share. Maybe someone could fix the ones you have? And I agree you should do a TTD session.
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    so sorry!  that's just terrible.  i hop eyou can get the raw images and your money back.  is there an avenue you can persue with the BBB?  good luck. 
    Kelly & Kevin, Denver, CO 10.22.10



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    I am so very sorry!!  That is horrible!  By any chance, did you have a videographer?  Maybe they can take some of what they took and transfer them into pics?  Our videographer is doing this for us.  HTH!!
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