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Can anyone recommend a place where I can rent ceremony decorations?? I'm looking for something to get married under.  Decorative columns, or an archway?? I looked at Candlelight Occasions but don't see anything that I love.TIA.

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    What about Merideth Party Rentals? They rent all kinds of stuff, not sure about archways or columns though.
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    At Meredith, they have three different arches that you can rent and decorate... all under $50.  I rented the white lattice arch and decorated it with roses and tulle and it was beautiful.  We received many compliments!  I know Hobby Lobby also has some things that you can rent though I do not know what their selection is or what the prices are.
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    hobby lobby has an arch and decorative columns for rent. They don't have a lot and I can't remember how much it was, but I remember it seemed reasonably priced to me. I'm thinking $60 for the arch, but maybe I'm just making that up.
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    A thru Z Rental has archways. Check them out. I was there a few months ago and saw them there. Their pricing is pretty reasonable. Hope this helped. Good Luck!
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    My daughter is using Creative Touch Decorating.  The website is www.creativetouchdecorating.com.
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