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My brother bought a ring!

OMG I just got off the phone with my mom and heard that my brother and his gf went engagement ring shopping.  I'm bouncing around my apartment, I'm so freaking excited!  I guess the ring is still in hock, so it might be a little while until he pops the question, but I'm elated.  I keep wondering when he's going to do it, how he's going to do it, when they'll be married, etc.  I'm not allowed to tell him I know, so I have no one to get excited with--so here I am posting to you girls!  I just know you Vintage knotties will celebrate with me. He's my older brother, from Canada, living in the states with his American girlfriend (my fiance is American too!  I guess we Cannucks find you Americans charming ;).  I haven't seen him in a couple years because I live in Japan.  :(  He's only ever had one girlfriend, so he'll be proposing to his first love.  I've only met her once, but she's absolutely charming and beautiful.  I'm so happy!  hehehe!
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Re: My brother bought a ring!

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