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Hello!I am set up to tour some possible reception facilities in a few weeks and I am trying to make a list of questions to ask each site. I have the basics covered (costs, whats included, parking) but I was wondering if there was anything you all recommended I ask or consider when making a choice? Perhaps things you didn't think to ask until after signing the contract, or even until your wedding happened! Any and all advice is welcome!Thanks in advanced :)

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    1.  Payment structure - do they want everything up front, when/how much the deposit will be, and when will the final payment be due.2.  Additional guests.  If by chance, you exceed your guestlist through RSVPs, will there by space/food available for those last-minute add-ons. (venues typically add 10+ to  your final number, just in case...but ask about the space because every guest needs a chair for their butt and a table for their food).  This is imperative because if you exceed your guest list (and believe me, Aunt Ida really wants her best friend whom you've never met to attend as well), you want to ensure you have the space..otherwise you run into huge problems.3.  Staffing.  Ensure they will provide ample staff to cover the coat check/serving lines/chefs/bartenders, etc.  4.  When can you decorate.  If they won't let your florist/coordinator in to the facility until the day of, well, that's a big job.  Most sites give you some access the day before.5.  When must you be out - know the specific time when you need to pull the plug on the DJ booth and get all the decor out.  If they have a double-header weekend, they may request you remove EVERYTHING that night....and let's face it, that's a PITA. 6.  Any additional hidden fees - reception venues are coming up with creative ways to make money.  Want your guests to enjoy the wedding cake?  There may be a fee for one of their staff to slice and serve the cake.  You may have to provide additional cash for the plates and extra silverware.  Yeah, people have to charge you to stay in business, but stuff like that is a little extreme, when you're already paying for staffing, food, the venue, etc.Good luck!
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    Thanks for the input!
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    You're welcome.  Good luck!
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