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I bought my wedding fangs!

I guess most people don't get to say that! ;)  Assuming I even manage to get them custom fit properly, I'll be saving them to pop in after dinner... don't want to end up in the ER having a fang dislodged from the esophagus.  Which reminds me that I have an appointment at the dentist tomorrow.  I wonder if he'd help me set my fangs... lol.We also got our marriage license today, but somehow that doesn't sound nearly as exciting in comparison.

Re: I bought my wedding fangs!

  • I second the no rid liquids...or brown liquids for that matter. Also be sure not to move around while you are custom fitting them. Oh and fair warning the putty stuff tastes and smells horrible until it dries. But if you do them right they will last years. I wear mine a few times a year and have had the same set for about four years.
  • oh and for you dentist...why not ask lol the worst that will happen is he will get a good laugh. Can't go wrong!
  • Just drink wtih a straw. *LOL* I used to have Scarecrow fangs but they've disappeared. The Mr. can find his and I can't find mine. It's not fair. *L*
  • LOL! My Fi just got his fangs the other day. He has been wearing them a lot so he can talk with them in without a lisp.
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