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I have been engaged for a few months and have been an occasional lurker on the board, but just recently starting the actual planning.  I was so happy to find this review board! What an excellent resource.  I am hoping that I can get some feedback about weddings at Camp Ketcha.  I stumbed across someone that had a wedding there and I love the look of the facility!  Has anyone been to a wedding there or a planning a wedding there? Any feedback about the facility would be excellent. Thanks!

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    Hello, dont lurk, post,  it gets so slow on the maine board. Anywho I have never been to a wedding there but my FI photographed a wedding there. The pictures are beatiful!

    They set up sort of a platform for the ceremony and the hall for the reception is bright and sunny. I believe it is 1300 to have it for 8 hours. I cant remember exactly, i looked into having my wedding there but decided on another venue.

    The nice thing about the venue is that as long as you bring a licensed bar tender you can bring your own alcohol therefore you could do an open bar or beer,wine, signature cocktail. (not that i think thats the only way to go i am having a cash bar)

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    I definitely plan to post now that i'm actually doing some planning. Thanks so much for the info! I am going to look at it tomorrow. I will post the details.
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    I got married there in May, and it was perfect for what we were looking for. Very budget friendly, casual, we could use whatever caterer we wanted, and still close to several beaches for some great photos! Plus with the high ceilings they will even string up white lights and paper lanterns for you for only like $35 or something. Way cheaper than trying to buy all the supplies and DIY.
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    I appologize for the delay in response as my laptop was out of commission for a bit. Thanks Mel for the feedback. I think I'm going to go with it as for us the casual feel of the place seems perfect. The high ceilings are really nice and I think that we will do as you suggested with the lights and paper lanterns.
  • I am havign my wedding there in May, have you had your weddin gthere yet? How did it go? How did you go about the lanterns and lights?
  • Had my wedding there yesturday, it was amazing!!! We hired Express events and the food was amazing, everyone was raving about the venue and decorations we had put up. The food was incretable. The only problem i had, i wished i had more of a leway for breaking down ect. I wish we could have been able to just come back the next day to take down decorations, rather then having our family (although they where happy to help) help put stuff away as we ran off to the hotel. Other than that I highly reccomend this place. A secret place for the cerimony us the arch in the trees as the start of the isle and the chairs face towards the horses. And DEFFINATLY USE EXPRESS EVENTS!!! Talk to Marry Ellen!
  • Those who had their wedding at camp Ketcha- how many guests did you have, and how did you setup the dance floor? I'm getting married there next October- any help/feedback is appreciated- thanks!!
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