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Wedding glitch #1

We forgot to get the wedding license signed by the priest.  He didn't remember and left right after the ceremony.  And there was so much going on that Mike and I didn't remember either.  I didn't even think about it until I went back to the hotel room to change for the reception and saw the license in my bag.  Thankfully, Ohio gives you 30 days after the ceremony to have the officiant sign the license and return it to the Court.  My brother had to take the license to the temple this past week to get the priest's signature.  But I just wanted to mention that it's something to think about and talk to the priest about so he doesn't leave until the license is signed :)  It would probably have been a good idea to put someone who doesn't have too much other responsibility in charge of the license. 

Re: Wedding glitch #1

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    Same thing happened to me, DC! I agree, that's something I should have asked someone else to take charge of.
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    Ha - our Christian minister left without signing the license, too!! Zack's mom drove it to her the Monday after and we just received confirmation that it was received by the MD court!
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