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Red Envelopes - How to keep track?

From what I understand, when people give you red envelopes there is no note inside saying whom the money is from.How do you keep track of who gave you red envelopes for thank you cards? Do you just assume that everyone whom attended and didn't give a gift or a card gave you a red envelope? I'm just worried about sending out a "Thank you for your generous gift" card to someone who didn't really give a gift. I wouldn't be offended if someone chose not to give a gift, but I wouldn't want the thank you card to be misinterpreted as a sarcastic jab.Thoughts?

Re: Red Envelopes - How to keep track?

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    I worried about this one too, but luckily all of our guests put the red envelopes INSIDE of cards, or wrote their names on it. Are you collecting them from each table? If you're really worried, I did have H hold a pen in his pocket to jot down a name real quick if we were handed blank red envelopes. It would have been easy since we did go table to table.Not sure what your option might be if you have a card box aside from having someone sit there and doublecheck that there are names on them.
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    For the reception, all but one of our guests put their red envelopes inside another greeting card, so that wasn't a problem. The only other guest wrote a greeting and signed the envelope itself. For the tea ceremony, I asked my cousins to write on each envelope who gave it, since they all looked the same. (This had the unfortunate consequence of my grandmother and a couple of my aunts thinking that they had to stuff more money in at the last minute, because we were "tracking" who gave what... but that's another story.)
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    For our tea ceremony, I had my sister and cousin helping with the tea.  As we received envelopes we placed them back on the tray and my sister would take the tray to my cousin and she stuck pre-printed stickers I made with the givers names on them.  I used narrow return address label blanks I had and printed each participant's name on two labels -- one for the envelope gifted to me and one for the envelope gifted to DH.For our banquet, most all gifters had put return address stickers on their envelopes already -- you know.. the free kind you get in the mail for donating to causes.  I thought it was quite brilliant of them to do this.  That was down in Tennessee so not sure if that's just what they do down there.All others which were handed to us we just wrote their names on the backs of the red envelopes.
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    Most of our guests did put them in the thank you card.  We did what most other posters said, quickly jot the name on the outside of the envelop as soon as we received it.  My DH's father did jot people's name down on the envelops he received.I did end up with a gift without a name on it, and I ended up sending cards that said, "thank you for coming to celebrate our wedding with us!" to all my guests =D
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    Thanks everyone. I wasn't sure if it would be bad etiquette to write on the envelopes. I'll make sure FH and his dad have pens so they can write down names. I was thinking about having a cage or box for envelopes, but I think if we go without one it will be easier to keep track of the envelopes.
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