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New York-Hudson Valley

brial boutique reveiws

Warning... Think twice before giving your money to Bella coutoure in Newburgh or the town shop in Poughkeepsie. I'd go there to try on dress because they have a good selection but don't buy there. If u want to know for yourself just call with a few questions. Town shop will try not to answer them and tell you to cut your guest list if you need to save money rather then saving money on the dress. They quoted me at the highest.price in the area. Bella was second highest and I am still waiting for a call.from.them, it's been 2 weeks. If ur interested in these places I would call and check them out first and see for yourself. Just a friendly warning ;

Re: brial boutique reveiws

  • I bought my dress at Bella Couture and loved them. Are you telling people not to shop there because they are expensive? They are a local business - I expected their prices to be higher than an internet retailer (although with some lines, the prices are set by the designer so the prices are the same everywhere) - but it was important to me to support a local business and get awesome service.
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  • Im not telling people not to go there just because of the price.  I figured since their prices were so much higher then all the other local places they would be professional and take care of their clients. Ive called and am still waiting for a return phone call. They showed up to my appointment 20 min late and then after 1 hour (the appointment was scheduled for 1 1/2 hrs) I had to leave because their next appointment was there.  Im just warning people that their prices are some of the most expensive in the area and their cutomer service is very lacking.
  • My sister got her dress from Bella Couture for her 2008 wedding as well as all her BM dresses and we had great service. I tried dresses on at Bella Couture last August and have no complaints, yes their price was higher than what i paid for my dress bc I ended up buying it in NJ but thats bc where i went they had always run a special, $200 off your dress or a free veil so that was the bridal salon changing the price... but like pp stated they cant do anything about a dress that comes from a designer, some prices are what they are.
    Sorry you had a bad experience with them!
  • I know I might be the odd man out but I bought my dress from Town Shop and have had excellant service. Plus all the bridal gowns include alterations. I would rather pay a little more to support a local business and have my alterations included. 
  • FYI- Alterations are included at the Town Shop. Sometimes alterations can be just as expensive as the dress so I felt comfortable buying my dress there knowing I would have no other expenses, they also threw in the bustle for free. I also had great service there despite the mixed online reviews. Wedding dresses are expensive thats just the reality!
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  • I got all my bridesmaid dresses at Bella Couture (which is now Bliss Bridal) and I LOVED them! I worked with Keri and Shannon and they were amazing, always returned my calls and got back to me with anything. If you are waiting two weeks for a call, maybe you should call them back and let them know you haven't received a follow up call. My cousin bought her bridal gown there as well as another friend of mine. I cannot think of one bad thing to say about them, they truly made everything so easy for me. They even came to open the store outside of their regular business hours just so my Mom can pick up her dress! I love them!

  • I did not get my dress from either of these 2 places but my cousin did and all her bridesmaids dresses too . She had no problems at all .  

    I agree with all the pp about supporting your local businesses and expect the prices are going to be higher
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