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We just got married on October 3rd and it was the perfect day!! Sorry if this is too long, I just know how much these helped me when I was planning for our big day! Let me know if you have any questions about any vendors, or need contact information. Ceremony- Jackson Artworks: B+ I loved the location, it was the perfect ceremony location for us. Jill, the lady in charge of events at the Art Gallery, was a bit hard to get ahold of in the few weeks before the wedding. We set up a meeting the Wed. before the wedding to go over where we wanted everything set-up and so forth, and when we got there no one was there and the place was locked. We were able to call Jill though, and she came over within minutes to unlock the gallery and take care of everything. The price was also GREAT, $400 to rent the gallery for 2 hours plus an extra hour and half to set-up and take-down. Harpist- Kim Meyer: A+ Our wedding coordinator was able to find Kim and she is much cheaper than everything we had been finding. Only $250 for the whole day. She was perfect, everything I was hoping for, and the harp was the exact kind of music we needed for our ceremony. Wedding Coordinator- Margo Livingston with Fairy Tale Events: A++++++++++++++ Margo was by far our best vendor!! She was amazing, she did everything I didn't want to do. The only think that sucked is that we didn't book her earlier, we booked her after we had already been engaged and planning for about a year. She probably would have been able to save us a lot more if we had booked with her earlier. She interviewed DJs for us, got us the harpist in the price range we wanted, took care of everything on the day of, directed the rehearsal, and I had no worries on our day. It was a great price, and she was really easy to get ahold of and responded quickly. Everything we wanted in a wedding coordinator. Florist- Barb from Piccolos: A Barb is amazing to work with, she's funny and so sweet. She was able to adjust the flower price to get within our budget. She even delivered a couple extra vases with flowers that we were able to put at random places throughout the reception. I changed my mind a lot with the flowers and she was there the whole time to work with my changes. She was great. Photographer- Melissa with MAK Images: A+++++++ We loved working with Melissa, she's young, fun, and great to work with. Our engagement photos turned our perfect and I can't wait to see the photos from our wedding. I hardly even knew she was there the whole day. Transportation- Ollie the Trolley: A++ The driver was great, we had to make a couple stops for the restrooms and to get more alcohol. He was really nice, early, and made sure everything was going good throughout the 2 hours we drove around. It was also a great price, much cheaper than any limo services we looked at. Reception- Omaha Marriott at Regency Park: A++++++ We loved how our reception turned out, we got so many compliments about the food, the set-up, everything. They switched wedding coordinators a couple months ago which was a bit annoying to have to catch up the new coordinator with everything. But she, Kate, was great to work with and the day went perfect. It was pretty pricey, but in the end I think it was all worth it and I loved every moment. DJ- Jay McCoy: A Our DJ was a friend of my mother's after we decided to cancel our contract with Complete Music after hearing so many negtive reviews. He was able to play all the songs we wanted, and everything went perfect. Dress- Azurite Bridal in Lincoln: D I would not recommend them at all. I actually never visited the store, I found it online from the Watters website as a store that sold their dresses in Nebraska. I called and ordered the dress over the phone, they took the money out of my account right away and I never recieved a receipt. So after 2 weeks without a receipt, I called back and they said that the order didn't go through because the dress wasn't available in the color I ordered, maybe they should have called to tell me. So we changed the color and the dress ordered, they could never understand my e-mail address, (not hard), so I had to finally e-mail them so they could respond with my receipt. After that, I waited 6 months and called to check on my dress. They said that it was in, I asked why they didn't call, and they said they e-mailed me, they didn't. So I had my cousin pick it up because she lives in Lincoln, and they couldn't find it at first. Eventually they found it and I received my perfect dress. But boy was it stressfull to deal with Azurite Bridal. Horrible experience!!! The only reason they didn't get an F is because I actually got my perfect dress that I had dreamed about for so long.

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    I forgot about our Cake: Mollie Graham with Grahams Goodies: B+ I loved working with Mollie, she was so great. I loved the price, flavor, and design of our cakes. The only thing I was disappointed with was that we had decided on having our groom's cake be german chocolate flavor but the cake at the wedding was just chocolate cake with normal buttercream in between the layers, instead of the german chocolate icing in between the layers. All 3 flavors were still extremely amazing and loved by all, but I was alittle disappointed with the lack of german chocolate flavoring (it's my husband's favorite cake).
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    I had Jackson Artworks and Margo too. Yours was sort of a preview wedding for mine to see how the venue went. So glad you had a great day!
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