Cards and Pockets- PRINTING!

Yet another c+p question from me! We'll all be glad March 24th when these are hopefully sealed and delivered!

I am NOT going to fight with my printer. 

I was wondering what was the best option for printing- c+p, kinkos, staples, etc as far as price, paper, speed? What did you do? Time is ticking so I'm thinking the quicker the better! 
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Re: Cards and Pockets- PRINTING!

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    I used C&P to do my printing.  They were so fabulous and amazingly helpful.  I asked a billion questions and they were always happy to help me out. The pricing was really really reasonable too.   Just email them to inquire and they will help you with the procedure of things.  They helped do my layout too.  Bonnie was the person that I worked with and John helped with the layout.  They will put everything together for you and then you can order proofs.  Definitely make sure you get proofs sent to you before doing the full run.  The quality was amazing.  If my memory serves me right, I got the proofs within a couple of days of ordering them.  After placing the full order I think they came in 1-2 weeks.  I do think the ship time depends a bit on the time of year because they get extremely busy during wedding season.  Be sure to give yourself enough time.  Good luck!
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    I also used C&P for my printing, just like you I knew I wasn't up for a fight with my printer, plus their printing is much better quality then an at home printer. I sent up my designs and requested samples. After 2 sets of samples, I was ready to place my final order. I worked with Bonnie and she was a huge help and always answered any questions I had. I highly recommend using them for your printing!
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    I have spent the whole weekend trying to decide the same thing. I bought paper to do it myself but my printer won't print on cardstock and staples and kinkos both are charging over $2 a sheet (11x17) to print!
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