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Something borrowed...something blue?

OK so my sister is loaning me her flower girl baskets from her wedding - will that count as something borrowed or do I actually have to wear the item for it to count? Old, will probably be my dress because I am buying it used. While it might not be "old," do you think that will count? New, I will buy my veil and hair accessories new. Blue, of course easiest thing here is the garter, but blue is actually one of my wedding colors, so that shouldn't be too hard. Maybe I will wear blue eyeshadow?
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Re: Something borrowed...something blue?

  • I don't think it will really matter.  A  blue garter will be just fine.  My something old I only wore for half an hour.  And I didn't have anything borrowed.  For shame.

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  • Whatever you want to do, it all "counts".  It's  just a tradition thing, it's not like it's required for your wedding to be valid.
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  • How about blue underwear?
  • Maybe I will wear blue eyeshadow?That is never OK!
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  • I think it's to be on you.My something old was my grandmother's wedding band; new was my attire; borrowed was my aunt's pearl bracelet; blue was on my garter (usually it's a light blue--are your colors dark blue?)Really, you don't have to do any of this tradition if you don't want to.
  • Better make sure you  have something borrowed on your person, or your marriage is invalid. True story.
  • Could you incorporate blue balls somehow?
  • It's really ok if you don't have all of the old, new, borrowed and blue nonsense covered.
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  • You don't have to follow the traditions, but if you WANT to, I would think you'd need to have the items on you. I would highly suggest NOT to do blue eye's not flattering and to me it reminds me of either little girls or the 80s.  You could always do blue shoes!  One of my wedding color is blue and I'm wearing blue satin shoes (haven't found "the ones" yet, though).
  • Please don't wear blue eyeshadow!!! That looks good on NO ONE and you don't want your wedding pictures to have blue eyeshadow and have to look at that for the rest of your life, just for a stupid tradition. I carried my grandmother's handkercheif that she carried on her wedding day for something old. My dress and accessories were new. I wore my mom's engagement ring on my right hand for something borrowed. My garter was blue.
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  • **When I said blue eye shadow reminds me of little girls....I mean it reminds me of makeup a teeny bopper would wear.
  • I'm probably painting my toenails blue. My mother is horrified.It's not a requirement to do any of this stuff, you know. It counts if you think it counts. And if you don't have something borrowed, your marriage will still be valid.
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  • First this tradition is a tradition not a requirement it counts if you want it to count and think it counts blue eyeshadow looks very 1980's or that chick from the drew carey show but whatever floats you boat
  • I thought that you had to wear the items, but no one is going to think your wedding is doomed because you're not wearing the baskets. Also, I think old should be older than a used dress. But again, it's not up to anyone but you. Maybe ask a grandmother or your mom for some older jewelry? Blue could totally be a garter, shoes, undies, a ring, or makeup like you said. All of these work. Or you could be even more creative! Hair clips, etc.
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  • I just realised I forgot my something blue. It took me a month to realise, though, so clearly it wasn't too important to our happiness.
  • One of my friends who was coming early brought the Ralph Lauren perfume called "BLUE" for me to wear. In addition, I wore a blud topaz bracelet, but I thought the perfume idea was pretty creative... "Blue is not your run of the mill standard department store perfume. What's so amazing about this fragrance is it really does smell differently on every woman's skin. But regardless of who wears it, Ralph Lauren Blue is a sexy and alluring scent. Also impressive, is that the product contains vitamins which moisturize your skin." You can order it on pretty cheap...
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