semester before the wedding

Did or Are any of you lightening the class load a bit the semester before the wedding?  I'm not getting married until July 2010 and next semester ends in late April but I don't want to be totally overloaded with school AND planning (and work!).  I was planning on 17 credits (4 classes and a lab), but I'm not sure how much wedding planning I'll be doing January through April for the wedding in July.  I'll only be taking one class the spring semester (May-end of June) so I'm not worried about that one.  Sign up for Winter Semester is in a week and a half so I really need to figure out a plan soon!any advice would be appreciated! :)
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Re: semester before the wedding

  • I think your load will be fine unless you just have a TON of DIY stuff you want to yourself and not let anyone help lolI am taking an 8 week course(as opposed to a 16 week course) so I've been doing double work but will be done 3 weeks before my wedding. I am also in a musical that is the weekend AFTER my wedding and dancing 11 hours a week. It can be done especially since you'll have at least 2 1/2 months after all those classes to get stuff done.A good lesson to learn early...let others help :p
  • I was taking a full load (I had no choice because it's nursing school) and it worked well for me. I had great vendors and trusted them to do their jobs so I didn't really stress about that. I will say that my grades did start slipping right around the wedding time though.
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  • I am also getting married in July 2010. I am still in school too and this it has been really hard to be in school full time and plan a wedding. My fiance' and I are doing most things on our own so it takes up a lot of our time. I unfortunately am not lucky like you and am having to take 22 credit hours next semester and finish planning our wedding. I have been told that a lot of the final decisions have to be made like around 3 months before the wedding. I feel like that is not enough time to finalize all of the details, but that is what I have been told. So i would base your load on how much you have left to do and try and estimate how long you think it will take you to accomplish those things. I know that I am planning on doing as much research and planning over Christmas Break as I can, so that when I have to make a decision about something I will already know what I wanted! Good luck with everything! I feel your pain trying to juggle everything!
  • I think it depends on how much of the wedding you have planned out before going into that semester...if a lot of the big things are figured out beforehand, you should be fine.  I am in the same boat, trying to graduate and take all of those final classes the semester before the wedding.  Good luck!
  • I'm getting married this December.  It's also my final semester of college, I'm graduating the week before my wedding, I'm working 18 hours a week and taking 18 credits of upper-level law enforcement classes at one of the top three schools for my program in the country.  My fiance is taking a 15 credits of history courses and working full-time.  We got engaged in March and originally were planning a June 2010 wedding, but moved it up this summer, which cut down on our planning time quite a bit!  It can be done! :)
  • I am getting married July 2010 also!  This is my senior year, so I totally understand what you're going through.  I'm only taking the minimum number of credits I think (12) and trying to get as much done now as possible.  I made a timeline of when certain things should be done, so that helped.  I.e. Invitations should be ordered by mid to late January, so I started getting addresses of guest list and using the database they give you on to help!As someone else said previously, definitely let people help you, especially when it comes to DIY, like tying ribbons on hundreds of favors or bubbles, etc. :)  Good luck with everything!
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