Day Spa Recommendation?

I'm a NJ Bride, but I need some help with a gift for my MOH who lives near Annapolis.   I'm planning on giving each of my bridesmaids a gift certificate to a day spa and have been able to find an appropriate place for everyone (Four Seasons for CA & St. Louis ladies, Bliss Spa for my NYC girls) except for my MOH.  The only place I'm finding near Annapolis is the Day Spa at the Loews Hotel, but I'm unable to find a single review.  Anyone ever been there or can recommend another location?THANKS!

Re: Day Spa Recommendation?

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    Try Morgan Gerard Salon and Spa. They are currently updating their website, so information online about them is limited...but they are an annapolis spa standard. I would imagine the new Westin in Annapolis has a spa as well.
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    A friend of mine just went to the Loews spa and said it was great but expensive.  The only other one besides Morgan Gerard I've heard good things about is Robert Andrews.  It's in Crofton, I think, (which is not far) but apparently is really great.
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