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Invitations to match all other stationary?

My question is this: Are the invitation stationary and the table signs/ escort cards/ menu cards all supposed to match? 

I've found the perfect invitations and it's taken me a few days to word and design them exactly the way my fiance and I would like them. They come with matching response, reception, and thank you cards... all of which I am ordering with matching lined and pre-printed envelopes (with return address). They are absolutely perfect! Exactly the style that we want; simple, classic, and fits our theme. 

But now I feel stuck because I'm unsure what to do about the table signs/ escort cards, and menus... I don't want to pick another stationary that won't really go with my invites. What do I do?

I'm not sure if everything has to match at the risk of looking tacky or out of place... or if I should even spend the money on all this additional stationary at all. Please lend me your ideas ladies... I'm at my wit's end.

Btw, we've opted for a simple photo Save the Date card with the same font used on our invites. So they sort of match... but the photo is the real eye catcher and doesn't out play the design of our invitations.

Looking forward to hearing some ideas... thanks so much! 


Re: Invitations to match all other stationary?

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    Nobody will notice if your invitations are on different stationary than your place cards, menus, etc.    Most people don't even look at the invitation after they RSVP, so they are unlikely to even notice if they are different styles, and if they DO notice, they are unlikely to care.

    It sounds like your invitation style is simple/classic enough that you should be fine just printing placecards/menus etc on plain white or cream paper with black ink (which you could  even do on a home computer/printer or take to Kinkos).
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    No one will notice, and probably won't even remember what your invitations looked like lol.  The company I used for my invitations recently came out with new designs, one of which I really like.  I might use the new design for my programs, escort cards, and table numbers, even though they're different from my invitations.
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