New to Board! Hi everyone!

Hey everyone! My name is Denise and I am super excited that I found this board. I am a Junior at Appalachian State University and my FI is the same at NC State University but also in the Navy and a member of the university's ROTC unit. We are setting our wedding until after I graduate which will be in May of 2011. If there's anyone that's in Western North Carolina like myself I would love to be acquainted! I look forward to meeting some of you and hearing what everyone has to say!
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Re: New to Board! Hi everyone!

  • Welcome to the board! I currently live in Greensboro (attending UNCG), but I'm originally from Hickory.
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  • Hi!  I'm new, too, and also excited to find this board!  I did 3-Day Eventing, so I like your name :-)  Couldn't keep doing it in college, though; I just don't have the time/ money and I doubt I will again for many, many years. 
  • Hey mango! Thats great! I tried the Eventing but HATED the dressage(and so did my horse). I also had to quit because of the school pressures and time, just never bothered to change the name. I really miss it now. But, like you, I dont see an opportunity to ride like that for a while. When is your wedding? Where are you at?
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  • Yeah, lower level dressage is like watching paint dry!  I'm in Colorado, and there's a lot of hunters and a lot of dressage and almost no eventing, but it's what my mom did so I got into it.  I think I was lucky in that my barn had an awesome cross-country, but the training focus was dressage so I got a strong foundation at a young age and was riding a high enough level to have fun with it by the time I was old enough to get bored.  My eventer and I always placed in hunter schooling shows, I think because our changes and pacing were so precise from so much dressage.  It certainly has its advantages on the course!  When I got him, he was someone's failed hunter/jumper project- he just needed to learn how to use his legs, lol!Anyhow... my wedding is in July 2010 and I'm SO excited!  How's your planning going?
  • Oh how lucky! Mine's not until May 28th 2011. We've decided to wait until I've graduated(which is the same month) and am able to move to Raleigh where FI currently is. He is also in school but has a little more to go than I do because of credit transfer crapola. So I haven't begun planning much yet...Just trying to drag out a budget from my parents (and trying even harder to make it a bit larger LOL), and deciding on common things we like and want to incorporate etc. I don't want to bog myself down too much and forget about school since it is the only obstacle we are currently facing. I like to get on here and read posts because it helps to know that I'm not the only one having to deal with this situation. Where in Colorado do you live? My brother is going to the Air Force Academy in C. Springs next year after his graduation. I can't wait to visit...I think Colorado is beautiful.
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