NWR: Does anyone have food ideas?

In one week, I will be defending my thesis.  I have to give an hour long presentation and then spend the next hour having my study ripped apart by my committee.  Part of the defense involves providing food to the committee members to eat while I present.  Does anyone have any ideas for food items that are so awesome that my committee is too distracted by the amazing taste that they can not think of too many difficult questions to ask?  : )

Re: NWR: Does anyone have food ideas?

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    Do you have access to outlets to keep it warm? If so, some spinach dip and chips would be good. Keep it warm in a little dipper crock pot.
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    Costco has these really good turkey and swiss could do something like that.
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    Well, I'm not sure what time of the day you'll be defending, but how about those pumpkin bars that Paula Deen makes?  Those are awesome, and a great fall thing. Good luck, I'm sure you're gonna knock 'em dead! 
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    From what I understand, baked good are usually the norm - cakes, muffins, brownies, etc. I brought small sub sandwiches, veggie and cheese tray w/ hummus, brownies and drinks for DH's defense - I heard one of the profs comment that it was nice to have healthy food for a change! Can your FI take care of it for you while you focus on other things? Congrats on finishing - it's quite a bit of work, without throwing wedding planning into the mix !
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    Give them tons of carbs and tons of sugars and they will be too sleepy to care. LOL.
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