Another Save the Date?

O.K., I have my save the dates ready go, and the hotel I booked the block of rooms with sent us a bunch of preprinted cards with info on it. Should I send those out with the save the date cards? I plan on doing a professionally printed accomodations insert in my invitations, and there are 2 cheaper alternative hotels close by with no block reserved. Any Suggestions?

Re: Another Save the Date?

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    I would wait and send the hotel info out with the actual invitation. A save-the-date is just that... it lets people know that you've chosen your date and that they'll likely be receiving an invitation soon. The thing is, what if something changes and you need to reassess your guest list down the line? Suppose someone ends up being cut and they've already reserved at the hotel? Awkward. JMO of course.
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    STD=Invitation.  If you send someone a STD you have to send them an invitation, you can't "uninvite" a guest without looking terribly rude.  Keep that in mind!  I think I would include the hotel info with the invitation, simply because most people aren't likely to reserve a room this far away from the wedding.  And if they choose to do so, they might contact you to see if you have room blocks somewhere.  HTH
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    Thanks for the input!!
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    I have the situation. My hotel gave us the same cards. I am sending out with my STDs. This is mainly b/c the weekend of our wedding is he same weekend as the Canton Football Hall of Fame Weekend and we were told that if we need more rooms than are in our block than there will be a STRONG chance they will be sold out. SO...we are HIGHLY encouraging our guests to book their rooms ASAP and it even says so on our STDs. I am still going to put the info in the formal invites, but the more that can book their rooms now, the better.
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