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Something I hate

is being forced up onto the dance floor to have a bouquet thrown and lunged at by fully grown women, that I'm in the middle of.It's embarrassing as everybody points and begs you to get up on stage. I always stand there like an idiot, turning red. At my brother's wedding they made all the "single" girls stand and wait for the bouquet toss then she turned around and handed the stupid thing to me. Seriously? I don't buy into that crap.

Re: Something I hate

  • I hate being put on the spot for anything. I'll get up and walk out of where ever I am-offending people be damned-if asked to do anything that will make me blush.For this reason, we have also opted out of garter toss, bouquet toss, unity candle, speaches/toasts, and all dancing. We are playing music on an ipod, but there is no room for dancing and we like it that way.
  • I hate that to. At a few weddings i've been to they made me get up. Oh, you're not married yet they always say. No, I am not married but I have been in a serious relationship for almost 8 years and engaged for almost 4!!! I am not a single lady!!! Some thing I also hate is when they make the groom strut up and take the garter off. One of my guy friends ended up half naked with all the bridesmaids dancing around him while he got down and look the garter off with his teeth...yes, that is how would want to have my wedding day remembered...!
  • Yea, that's what I want my senior citizen parents to see...
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