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Soldering rings???

Hello everyone!  My e-ring is a little over a carat marquise, so the mount is quite wide.  My wedding band has been cut so that the rings sit flush together.  I bet I have had 10 people ask me if I am going to have my rings soldered together.  I had never heard of this until recently...  Is this something that's common; is anyone having there's done???
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Re: Soldering rings???

  • It's not common. It IS new, and that's why people are buzzing about it now. Personally, I am not interested in it because I want to leave my wedding band on my hand from the time FI/DH put it on in the wedding ceremony, but I want to be able to remove the e-ring if I'm doing dishes or working in the garden or whatever.
  • If you want to wear them both all of the time you can have them soldered- it keeps them from seperating on your finger. It's up to you, If they sit flush together and won't spin around eachother, don't worry about it.
  • Ditto, tara.I don't want mine soldered because I want to be able to just wear my band sometimes.  Also, it's harder to take off and put on your rings when they are soldered together.
  • Ok, those were my thoughts too.  I don't plan on taking my wedding band off, but it's not uncommon for me not to wear my e-ring now as it is.  Everyone asking just made me wonder if there was some super secret advantage that I was overlooking! LOL  Thanks, ladies!
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  • After being married for 20 years, my Mom had hers soldered together a few years ago. The bands were wearing away at each other and getting thin, so she either had to get them remade, or soldered together. She chose to get them soldered, as she never wears them apart anyway.
    He pretty much had me at "hello".
    -- PS I agree with whatever Jeana said --
  • I don't think I ever want to have mine soldered together. I like the idea of being able to wear them apart. I don't want to have my children getting scratched by my ering since i have already done this to DH and myself.
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  • I am not planning on getting my soldered, I want to have the option of only wearing my wedding band if need be.  However I really don't think it is something new at all, I know a good amount of people that have done this.  My mom has had hers soldered for years now.
  • It isn't new. It isn't new at all! lol My grandparents, aunts, mother, older friends, etc. all have their rings soldered together and have since shortly after they were married. It is pretty common. I too have had people ask me this. However, it is more common for "bridal sets." The design of my e-ring and w-band are such that the jeweler suggested I solder them. I said I didn't really want to, but I would consider it. I think it is a personal preference thing. My only concern would be the metal scratching from spinning around.
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  • I plan on having my rings soldered together. My ering has diamonds in the band on either side of the solitaire, and my band has diamonds in it as well, and I don't want them to spin around. My mom had hers done years ago, with her wedding band and her anniv. band, to prevent the spinning as well.
  • I thought about it but changed my mind about the wedding band I wanted. I really didn't want to do it because I want to be able to wear my wedding band alone sometimes.
  • I've never heard of it until I got engaged. However, I plan on keeping mine seperate.
  • My bands came as a set (they are a family heirloom) and so they had been soldered together and I had to have them taken apart. I fully plan to re solder them after the wedding as I can were the e-ring with out the wedding band but not visa versa.  Plus having them soldered together will help keep them stronger and better aligned.
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  • I dont think its very common...I also dont think its something "new" grandmothers rings (which I now have) are soldered together.  I'm not doing this to mine because they have diamonds on the top, side, and back of the rings.
  • I dont know how common it is, but one of my friends got hers soldered and really doesnt like it. Think about situations when you really dont want to wear the engagement ring~ if you do gardening or something you wouldnt want to get caked into your diamonds, but don't want to take your rings off totally, if that matters to you, don't get them soldered. On the other hand, if you try them on together and they slip apart or get twisted and it bothers you, then it might be a good route for you! I know that I'm not doing mine- two different occassions and reasons for the rings, I want them to stay that way.
  • It's definately not new, and it was highly recommended to me that they were fused. I was told it dramatically reduces the wear on the rings and I find it to be more comfortable. I too have a fairly large diamond with a wide mount with the rings cut so they are flush, I'm so happy I had them fused. It took a little while to get used to the even wider cute, but it's okay now.  I just remove them for sleeping, dishes etc and have no problems.
  • the notion that it "reduces the wear on rings" is kinda crap, unless the two rings are drastically different to the point of them scraping into one another with stones.  My grandmother wore her engagement ring and wedding ring together every day for 60+years, she never had them fused together - and they both are still in perfect condition.  Take care of your jewelry and it won't end up banged up and looking like crap - if you don't take care of your jewelry it won't matter how fused together they are. 
  • [i]It's not common. It IS new, and that's why people are buzzing about it now.[/i] Actually, it is NOT new. My mom, aunts, friends, etc have theirs soldered. Both grandmas too.
  • I'm getting mine soldered together right before the wedding. I will be having 2 wedding bands (one on either side of engagement ring) and it BUGS me to no end to have them spinning around, upside down, and not aligned. All of my friends have theirs soldered together too.
  • I am having my rings soldered together b/c my wedding band is being designed to sit flush to my ring b/c the stone in my E ring sits flush to my finger and I can't have anything under it, so my wedding band will actually look more like a horse shoe w/o the e-ring
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