Where are you ladies buying or renting your linens? That are in the Sacramento area.

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    Hi, A friend of mine found this website: (sorry not clickable) and their linens are quite cheap. She ordered purple organza table toppers and says the color is beautiful, and that the fabric is not cheap looking or cheezy at all. I haven't seen them, but she's *very* might want to check it out. Allyson
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    I booked a venue that had linens cheaper than I could order them anywhere, have you checked with your venue? Sometimes they have really great deals... but sometimes not. I would also recommend checking online
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    I bought floor length white tablecloths from this company: It was cheaper for us to buy then to rent them. They have 30% off sales from time to time and often have free shipping. Warning: It is a pain in the arse to wash and iron them. Thankfully, my MIL did that task. And she hates to iron. Haha.
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    Knina .... have you looked at DG vendor list? I think they have celebrations listed for one. I'm sure they have more as well.
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