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New Hampshire

Exploring JP Options

Our venue has a JP on site, and we figured that we would just go with him. However, once we started thinking about it, the less we are at ease with the idea of him marrying us (he's kinda odd and made me a little uncomfortable). 

Exactly how do we go about finding a NH JP, aside from Google? We're getting married up in the lakes region of the state, if that helps at all.

TIA :)

PS - I found a book ("The Wedding Ceremony Planner" by Rev. Judith Johnson, PhD) that I've had my nose in for the past two days, which I love if anyone's looking for a great ceremony resource.
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Re: Exploring JP Options

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    Our venue (Cathedral of the Pines) had a vendor book with various JP's.  I also checked findajp.com, you can check out bio's by region. 

    We used John J. Stone and he was FABULOUS!  I completely agree to be comfortable with your JP.  Get recommendations and meet with your JP ahead of time.  Our orignal JP was a family friend my mom set us up with, personally I wasn't comfortable with him but I felt like it was a win for my mom and would keep her out of other decisions.  In the end I'm really glad we were able to change JP's to someone we chose who we were comfortable with.

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    my wedding planner is also a justice of the peace! melanie at blissful beginings! love her
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