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So we met with a caterer the other night. She sent me an email the next day with the amount of the contact. In my tiredness, I replied to the email instead of forwarding it to Alex. My reply (meant for Alex) was " LOL you were a little under in your guess" I asked Alex about the email and he tells me he never got it. Low and behold I got an email this morning from the caterer saying "I think this email was intended for Alex, otherwise I don't understand"LMAO ummm oops! I did email her back and apologized. I need to get some sleep! LOL

Re: DOH!

  • Ha! That's funny. I do stupid sh!t like that too. Oh well.

  • Hah! My BM/FSIL once hit reply instead of forward after she got a ton of pictures from her cousin's latest vacation to wherever with detailed descriptions under each photo (of their hotel room, no less)She was all, "NOBODY cares about their stupid vacations! Don't they understand they look like fools? UGH I wish they'd stop sending me this crap!"She realized it as soon as she hit send.
  • Email needs to have a recall button, seriously!!
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