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I see you're on both the Detroit and Toledo boards as well : )Are you in the Ann Arbor area too?  I think you might have said that in the roll call poll the other day.  I am too.  Anyway, just wanted to say its nice to see another girl living in the metro Detroit area and planning a wedding in Toledo.

Re: *sgstraub*

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    Aww, that's my first page! I feel special :-)Yep, I'm a student at UofM but we're both from Toledo, so that's where the wedding will be. Are you originally from Toledo?Have you been making a lot of trips down there? The last few weekends we've been going down every Saturday for cake tasting, vendor meetings, etc, we need to stop that! I'm graduating in December, so if I get a job out of state I don't know what I'm going to do.
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    I'm from a town in Michigan just north of Toledo, but very, very close.I'm also a student in A2... I go to Concordia, which you may or may not have heard of, it's pretty small.Lately I haven't been making too many wedding related trips to Toledo, but this summer and earlier in the fall I really was.  We've been engaged for almost a year now, so I tried to get as much of that out of the way as I could before school started again.  We're kind of in a planning lull because most of big vendors are booked, but I'm sure it will get hectic again in a few months again.
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    *whoops, ignore that I put the word "again" is in the last sentence twice
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    Oh, I'm living in Ypsi right now and since I'm in engineering I'm on North Campus all day, so I drive by Concordia every day on the way to school! Idk if there's more buildings, but the big main one that you can see from the steet looks cool... is the inside old and cool looking too?I love that area, with the parks and the river. And it's super pretty now with the leaves changing. Yea, I'm thinking the trips will slow down now... we don't have any plans to go down this weekend!
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