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Rant: Wedding Dress

Well I went to my first fitting today and let me tell you i found out all sorts of thing. after spending thousands of dollars on this damn designer dress, my seamtress who is amazing she did my sister said do you see this poofy part on the seam i said yeah i thought if we just steamed it everything would be fine. she said Oh No. they completely did not sew my dress perfectly. there is extra fabric making it poof the bottom portion is not centered. there is a dot that look like a pen mark and a small snag on it. Tears just started flowing I was like you have got to be kidding me. She was like silk is hard to work with to but i just want you to know i can fix every single one of those problems. so i got slightly relieved but are you serious i paid all that money for a SO SO designer dress please. so then she was like where did you get your dress I said Solutions Bridal in Gainesville. she was like oh lord, i have had so many brides have issues with them and they call and say sorry there is nothing we can do for you. So i called them today not so happy and the manager wasnt there but the girl seemed like they were going to be able to help me out. but we will see when the manager calls me back tomorrow. I doubt they could get me a brand new dress in time and have me fitted for it in time. So I will be pleased if they pay for all these alterations i have to do pay for on top of the dress. but if they say sorry nothing we can do, I will be raising some hell. I will keep you posted. I am flying off to Maryland for jeffs football game at 6 in the morning with his parents. come to find out his grandpa is about to die and is doing awful, only good thing his grandpa lives right where we are going so we can see him. but im like what a day. So I'll be back on Sunday with news about my dress. I just could not believe it. if I wasn't a shitty wedding dress that is not sewn right I would have made it myself. oh Im dont ranting. that you for listening.

Re: Rant: Wedding Dress

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    i guess you can cus on here they bleeped it out ha sorry and I meant to say Thank you for listening on the last line. i also meant to say this just goes to show you get your dresses altered early! I have had my dress since May and I have had no idea. so I would recommend going in about 3 months early just so they can make sure its all good!
  • katiek200katiek200 member
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    Sorry ::hugs:: sounds like a rough day. I have also heard sketchy things about solutions, I hope they do right and replace it for you.
  • clseale13clseale13 member
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    Yuck, what a crappy day. :( Definitely keep us updated. I just realized that we've never seen a picture of your dress. Who's the designer? I'm sorry you're having such a bad experience...but hang in there. I know this is all pretty sucky right now, but in the end I know you'll look gorgeous on your wedding day. Have a safe trip.
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  • jodipplsjodippls member
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    What a day! I really hope the shop works with you. Your FI's granfather is my thoughts. Have a safe trip.
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    Thanks Guys Clseale- I posted one way pack when i bought it but that was quite some time ago but i dont want it on my BIO or anything bc FI will find the picture. I will post a picture after alterations. the designer is Jasmine Couture
  • janedoe1113ajanedoe1113a member
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    Wow...that sucks.  Keep us updated with everything and have a safe trip!
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    Not trying to sound rude or abrasive here, and it might be my spaced out 8 day wedding brain, but when did you pick up this dress?I ask this because if you've had this dress in your possession for any length of time, they most likely will not pay for the dress since it's left their store and it's not in house alterations (not sure if they do in house or not) :( I don't say this to get you upset or mad, but from a business stand point, they can't guarantee that you didn't cause the damage.  I have also heard so - so reviews about solutions but good luck none the less. Hopefully they will do the right thing and pay regardless.If you just recently picked up the dress, please ignore the top portion of this post.
  • christinalauchristinalau member
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    What a day... Sorry to here that (hugs) I hope you will have a great weekend in Maryland and hopefully that will make you feel better. On the bright side, at least you have a very skilled seamtress who is confident she can fix it...
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