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Let's talk music

Are you doing a DJ, Ipod, live band, no music, quartet, one man band, child-with-pots-and-pans?Whatcha doing people?

Re: Let's talk music

  • ipod playlist on a laptop with portable speakers XD We're doing the ceremony & reception in the banquet room of a restaurant, and they have their own overhead music. Thankfully, you can't really hear it in the BR, so we should be fine. There's no dancing, but we wanted music more "us" to play than the light adult alternative most restaurants play lol
  • Irish band with piper to pipe us into the reception...
  • The Mr. is loading all our music onto our PS3 on we're connecting it to my parents' home theater. Since it's just in the basement of thier house we didn't exactly need a band or anything.
  • we will start with DJ, but end with child-with-pots-and-pans! :)
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  • We did iPod and it worked perfectly. We got compliments on our music selection - which made us both happy.
  • DJ. FI and all of his friends used to DJ at festivals, so our problem was choosing which one more than between DJ or band. But he also plays music, so we are having a string quartet, classic guitar (friend), organist, and his brother sing at the ceremony. We will also have a jazz trio (other friends) at our cocktail hour. Lotsa music goin' on!
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