You were looking for recommendations for photographers under $1,000. First Frame Studio offers a 6 hour package that includes prints for $725. I know a couple girls here used her, and really loved their photos. When we met with her, we were able to negotiate 8 hours of photography without any prints or albums included for $900. Here's her website: [url][/url]. Gretchen is really nice, very personable, so I would definitely get in touch with her! I do know that she's pregnant, and I don't know when she's due, but depending on when your wedding is, she might not be able to do it.I also found Suzanne Simmons. I don't know where she is located in Maine, but all her wedding packages are under $1,000. [url][/url].I think you can definitely find someone to meet your budget. It might take a little more legwork and research, but I think you can do it. If you find a photographer you really like who's just over $1,000, you might be able to negotiate a price in your budget, either by cutting out prints or albums from the package or cutting down on the number of hours of coverage.Good luck!

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    Just double-checked previous posts, and Arolin and JaimeMarieB both used First Frame, so they'd probably be the best people to share impressions.
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    If you don't mind waiting 100+ days after your wedding for me bretonjm1 at
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