What did you do? DOC recommendations?

I'm getting married in Lincoln and I am trying to decide if it is worth hiring a DOC.  I don't really want to ask family/friends to do some of the work...and I don't want to be crazy stressed out over little things either.  We are getting married at the Grand Manse, but they really don't include anything but the bar and setting up the tables and chairs (not the linens, etc).  My biggest worry is setting up DIY centerpieces extra because we can't get into the venue till the morning of.Did you hire a DOC? Was it worth the money (I was surprised how much one day costs)?  What did you do that worked?Thanks!

Re: What did you do? DOC recommendations?

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    I highly recommend Margo Livingston as a DOC. We hired her and it was worth EVERY penny!! We could have probably saved thousands of dollars had we booked her earlier and it was so great to have nothing to worry about on the day of our wedding. I knew Margo had everything under control and never was I worried about the smallest detail. We got married at an art gallery so there was no one to run the ceremony and I was glad to have someone that knew how to run everything and to yell at people when they needed to be certain places. Our wedding was straight out of a dream and we owe it all to Margo and her help. Her e-mail address is [email protected] and she was by far our favorite vendor. We also got her at a great price, she's worth so much more!!! :) HTH!
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