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So excited - would love to....

Just got legal married and had most beautiful small ceremony ever with 11 guests.  Planning and hoping to have slightly larger wedding ceremony and reception for 60 guests on 10/10/10 to include more family.  Would love support for the fact that yes, it's a little weird to have two weddings, a legal one and then festivities but still.... and would love someone to get gushy with about the year ahead and this new state of being YAHOO! married (two weeks) and having a brand new house (still building ourselves plank by plank)[email protected]

Re: So excited - would love to....

  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    I've seen it happen a lot, especially in a military town.  I'm happy for you, YAY!!

    <a href="https://sites.google.com/site/milnestfaq/" target="_blank" title="Military Newlyweds FAQ"><img src="http://tinyurl.com/ya7ofn4" alt="Military Newlyweds FAQ Button" height=86 width=108></a>
  • beerladybeerlady member
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    My cousin just did the same thing. She had a small legal ceremony last month and is having a large wedding in April. There is nothing wrong with it and anyone who does not support you is losing out!  You now have us to get gushy with you as you plan your big day. That was originally my day (10/10/10) but we pushed it off to 4/30/11. Happy Planning!
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    Congratulations!! I am very excited for you. My husband and I were legally married in July with about 15 people in our back yard. It was beautiful, but I am looking forward to having our larger ceremony with all of our friends and family who can celebrate with us. I too will be married on 10/10/10 in Savannah! Enjoy the planning with a little less stress knowing that all of the legal parts of it are out of the way! Happy Planning and best wishes to you and your new husband. Kate
  • K_Dub67K_Dub67 member
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    Congratulations! We too are planning on getting married 10/10/10 in Savannah. We're headed up this weekend to choose/secure a venue. I'm considering a "wedding" prior to that, since I always thought we'd get married on June 7th . . . We'll see. It's not unusual at all. A fair amount of our military friends have had 2 weddings. Congrats again! >^^<
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