Everything is annoying me

It has been a 100 days since the wedding and still don't have a cd or hard copies of wedding photos (only 1/2 are online and can't get them).  The builder is asinine and put the furnace in front of one of the windows in the daylight basement. WHO DOES THAT?

Re: Everything is annoying me

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    Oh Jaime that's so frustrating, I'm sorry! I'm getting super anxious for my wedding photos too, and I've only waited 45 days. I pretty much expected that though, since the last bride I know who used my photographer waited just over 7 weeks for hers. I'd be ready to kill someone if I'd been waiting over 100 days!!And that furnace thing is pretty nuts too. So dumb.
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    That just makes me nervous since I'm using the same photographer as you for my wedding next year :-/ She does great work... it's just sad you have to wait so long to see it!!
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    Oh, 100 days would have me livid!  I think anything more than 90 days is too long to ask people to wait.Sounds like you'll be keeping tabs on your builder.  What explanation did he give you for putting the furnace in front of the window?
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    I have a friend who had to wait 6 months for her pics!  Not even a website to look at them on!Mine may not be the most creative or artistic, but they were quick.I'm hoping they're worth the wait, Jaime!
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    Thanks girls.  Builders excuse is it has to be near the water line.  AH well why did you put the water line there.   So frustrated. 
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