Belts/Sashes for a wedding dress

I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find a sash for my wedding dress. I was looking in a magazine and saw one it had swarovski crystals on it. I can't find where to buy one though. I looked on Etsy but I'd rather see it in person before I buy it. If anyone has any suggestions please throw them this way. Im just kind of bored with my dress I want sparkles! TIA
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Re: Belts/Sashes for a wedding dress

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    I would try wedding dress shops. Possibly more higher end ones?

    White Dress by the shore
    Bridal Trousseu on Main
    Plumed Serpant.

    I would call places and ask them, so then you dont drive all the way there and they dont have any

    Also I know you said taht you would rather see in person but there is a store called haute bride couture. They have some GORGEOUS pieces. They have a store online and you can order from them, but they are located in Cali



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    I was at Bridal Trousseau this past Sat. and the lady told me they are having an accessaries trunk show I think this weekend or next weekend. Give them a call, they might have it at the show. 
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    Thanks for that website. I think I'll do some calling this week.!
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    I used the satin sash that went with my dress (bought it from the designer), and blinged it up by adding an antique brooch (see sig pic).  So that might be another option to consider.  White Dress by the Shore has some beautiful brooches, pins, etc. 
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    actually thats what my mother was saying. Just buy a plain sash and buy a brooch. Thanks for that idea I think I'll probably do that because the only one I found that was made was about 250$!!! it was gorgeous but I didn't want to spend that much unless I had to.
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    Yeah....and the nice thing about that option is that you can wear the brooch afterward!  I actually had two sashes, one ivory and one lavendar....I wore the ivory one for the ceremony and then switched to the more "fun" lavendar one right before our first dance.
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    oh is that the one in your pictures I love that!  i think that might just be my adventure this weekend.
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