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Shower locations; Sodus or Williamson

Hi ladies,Ok so this isn't for my shower; my best friend is getting married 6 weeks before me.  She lives in FL now but is from Sodus Point/Williamson area.  She wants her shower to be held here so that more of her family will be able to attend.  I am from Rochester and currently live in Albany so I am not really familiar with all the locations in Sodus and Williamson.We are looking for something not too expenisve.  3 of her 5 bridesmaids are in both of our weddings one of them has 3 weddings within 6 weeks she is in and two are still in graduate school so we're talking about limited budgets.Please help me with any ideas you may have for locations!!! Thanks!!!

Re: Shower locations; Sodus or Williamson

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    How many people are going to be attending the shower and what time of year are you thinking of having it?
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    I'm not exactly sure on the count, but I'm going to go with a guess of approx 50 people attending.  We are going to have it in the summer either June or July.
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    I grew up in Sodus!! Look into Sodus Bay Heights Country Club... Cutters Restuarant... or The Old Lighthouse Park if it's a nice day. It would be beautiful and you could always put up a tent.
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    Thank you!
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