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Just wanted to leave a post about a wedding I went to this weekend.  It was at the Patriot Club on Offutt AFB.  It was really a nice wedding but the service was horrible.  They actually ran out of food before our table was served.  The bartender was not friendly and we were left waiting outside the ballroom for 30 minutes because they were "still setting up".  It may have been a fluke evening but as a bride to be I felt I needed to let others know!!

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    i don't know anything about that particular venue but Keep in mind that the bride/groom are the ones that give the final number to the caterer/venue for food- maybe their count was off or too many non-rsvp people showed up- it happens!!!!  As far as setting up- again they might have been given incorrect times regarding when they needed to be ready. Not sure how close you are to your wedding but i just got married 10/17 but it's difficult to create a time frame for that day when you don't know if you're gonna have an glitches or not.  Just you wait!! :)
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