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Hi!  Thanks for your message and congrats to you!!  how was everything?  I think Sunday 8/30 was rain-free right?  Did you go on your honeymoon?  I can't remember.... post pics if you can :)

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    Hello! Yes, 8/30 was beautiful. The weekend was so gloomy I had resigned myself to a rainy day, then around noon on Sunday it sunny and gorgeous. We were very lucky. Everything was wonderful! I looked at your teaser pics (which are awesome) and it looked like you got at least some dry time that day for outdoor pics. We went to Thailand right after the wedding, which was great. Bangkok was very busy and not at all relaxing but then we went to an island in the middle of nowhere for a week and it was exactly what we needed. I'm still getting used to being back, a month and a half later... How was your honeymoon? I can't figure out how to post pics, but here are a bunch of non-pro pics:
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