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First dance dance lessons

I'm located in Long Beach, CA and wondering if anyone could give recommendations for places to have a few dance lessons to go with our first dance song. Nothing too fancy just enough so we aren't just moving in a circle for 4 minutes :)


Re: First dance dance lessons

  • We've been taking dance lessons at Arthur Murray dance studio (I live in Pasadena) not sure if there's one located closer to Long Beach, but they've been great. Originally we just wanted to take them to not just move in a circle either, turns out our instructor actually choreographed a simple/natural looking dance for us to do with the song we chose.

    She also told us that first dances should typically be around a 1 1/2 minutes so it doesn't start losing peoples attention and/or so you don't feel like you've been up there forever!

    I'd recommend checking yelp and seeing what you can find.

    Hope that helps! :)
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